christina lidwin
interact. innovate. inspire.

I harness the power of technology by translating the power of computing into intutitive interfaces.

hi, my name is christina

I am a master’s student at Virginia Tech, studying the intersection of computer science, art, engineering, and music in a program called Creative Technologies. I believe in working hard, having fun, and in the following three notions:

interaction creates opportunities

When we work alone, we miss seeing and experiencing things outside our own perspective; the greatest breakthroughs come through collaboration. By interacting with new people, places, and ideas, we grow our networks of knowledge and expand potential opportunities.

innovation continues conversations

A “new” idea builds on previous technologies to make something different. We call it new because it is either something we have wanted or something we have not thought about, but it continues a dialog on how different technologies work together or inspire growth in each other.

inspiration causes actions

Putting energy into a light bulb creates light that illuminates space. True inspiration is similar to the energy going into a lightbulb; it causes an action. When we are inspired, we try to write that inspiration down, share it with others, examine it, reinvent it, build it, or put more energy into it to see where it leads.

this is my work

While my passion is for designing and implementing interfaces, I also do a variety of work in 3D modelling and animation. I also have several mid-level programming projects where I focused on software engineering.

Spring 2014 - Project Manager
I coordianted efforts on a 10 person team of 6 computer scientists and 4 artists to develop a video game called 12:01. This involved creating project plans, assessing deadlines, and assisting with both code and asset development to finish three levels of the game for a game festival.
Spring 2014 - Web Developer
As a part of a graphic design firm, I helped create a website for a financial firm in Washington D.C.. In this role, I worked with designers to create an initial concept and logo design, led a team of three in implementing the site, and provided remote and onsite support to the client.
Website Manager
I worked with our school's technical support to set up a custom Wordpress repository in their framework and made CSS and PHP modifications to the Wordpress template to fit the client's goals. I also supported the graphic design team in client meetings and provided technical support.
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